NORs and SI’s 2024

Platu Championship of Thailand 2024 Ocean Marina Jomtien

(a) The host yacht club is the Ocean Marina Jomtien / Pattaya
(b) To enter, boats shall complete the online registration via the Website;
(c) The entry fee for the Regatta will be 7,000BHT. This shall be paid to Ocean Marina
Jomtien (OMJ) via the Online Portal or in person at the Marina Office
(d) All boats will be allocated berthing by OMJ & will remain in the water for the duration of the
Regatta. Special dispensation for emergency repairs upon request
(e) Signals made ashore shall be displayed on the flag mast located at the OMJ Office
(f) The Official Notice Board will be via the above Website Link
(g) The race management channel shall be VHF 72
(h) There will be no weigh-in
(i) The racecourse shall be in the Gulf of Thailand, within approx. 5 Nautical Miles from Ocean
Marina Jomtien, wind direction dependent
(j) The courses, marks and amendments of the RRS will be advised in the NOR
(k) The NOR will dictate Scoring, Rules & Start Sequence
(l) The schedule for each event as prescribed by the dates advised on the Website is as follows:
Day Event Time (hrs)*
Wednesday OR Thursday Yachts can be launched Upon Request via OMJ
Friday First Warning Signal 10.25
Up to 5 races & No Racing After 3.30pm
Saturday First Warning Signal 10.25
Up to 5 races & No Racing After 3.30pm
Sunday First Warning Signal 10.55
No Warning signal after 2pm
Prize-giving- ASAP after Dock-in


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