Thanks to the generosity and support of our sponsors Ocean Marina Yacht Club we are pleased to announce the OMYC Platu Championship of Thailand 2023. We would also like to recognise the most generous support for sailing in general at the marina by the FLS company.

 memo dated Sept 24 2022..Championship 2023. a provisional calendar, update 2,  for 5 rounds in 2023 has already been sent out to skippers. We are waiting for responses to the dates to avoid clashes with other regattas etc etc. We also try to accommodate individual skippers who travel from other countries to take part. This support is more than appreciated and makes this a truly International Championship We expect to confirm all dates by the end of October.

MARCH 17/18/19. MAY 5/6/7, JULY 21/22/23, SEPT   15/16/17, NOV 17/18/19

Same rules as in 2022. The boat is the entrant regardless of the crew onboard. Entrants must take part in at least three rounds to qualify for the Championship. Their best three scores will count. By the consent of all skippers the crew number may change if there are good reasons for it.

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