Yacht Charters

All charter Platus are presented in excellent condition and undergo a 100 item checklist prior to racing.

It has been proven that any one of our Platus is capable of winning with the right crew onboard.

If you have any problems after a training day our staff will be there to put them right.

All boats conform to the Platu 25 International Class Rules 2011 as amended by the Thailand National Class Association rules.




Platu International Class Rules 2011

CLASS Rules 2011.pdf View file

Thailand Class Rules  amendments to Class Rules 2011

THAI AMENDMENTS TO RULES 2011 OCTOBER 25th 2014 ISSUE 5.doc View file

Customers are allowed to use any of their own equipment as long as boats are returned with all original equipment fitted and all organisers stickers removed.

In 2016 charter costs will be

Platu Transworld 66,300 baht , Top of the Gulf 66,300 baht, Platu Open 38,000 baht, Platu Cup 38,000 baht.

We also sponsor Ocean Marina Yacht Club monthly racing so that individual crew members pay just 1,000 baht each for two days club racing.

Damage costs..All boats are insured but there is an excess clause and other factors to consider. Any cost above that recovered from the insurance company is the repossibility of the crew. Third party personal claims up to 30,000,000 baht are insured.

The skipper will be required to sign an insurance declaration of his experience, competence and responsibility, to validate the insurance policy.

These prices do NOT include sails, regatta entry fees nor crew party costs which are payable direct to the organisers in advance or at registration


A non refundable deposit of 10,000 baht is required to secure a charter boat when booking and full payment is required 3 months in advance of the event to secure the charter. The charter fee allows one or two days boat preparation in the yard and a practise day.

Racing sails of various quality “may” be available at an extra cost from 3,000 to 9,000 baht per day……. depending on quality.

“Controlled Sails” will be available at 3,000 baht per day. See ABSOLUTE One Design or Matched Fleet Racing sections of this web site.

These boats are also available for day cruising.

“Cruising” charter rates in Pattaya are 7,000 baht per day plus a 2,000 baht launching fee.

For information contact Kev Scott (Thailand +66) 0878 25 00 11
or email [email protected] . (put PLATU’s as the subject).

link to charter boat photos https://www.dropbox.com/sh/80n7gj3ao54fi0d/AABx_uy3VIvc_DVeThIffIoEa

We also have  two Farr 1104’s and a Corsair 28.

For Kings Cup.. two  Farr 1104’s one at 235,000 baht and the other at 255,000

                    ……….Corsair 28 -trimaran- for 235.000 baht


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