Platu Club News

August 2020

Hi to all Platu crew.

We are getting quite a few, new crew joining our monthly Platu racing. To capture and enhance the numbers we are considering the formation of a Platu Club to create a base and environment where we can help each other progress, swop ideas and give crew what they want. With your input we can help you to increase your level of enjoyment and participation.

We envisage something on the lines of a registration fee of 1,000 baht and for this you would get a club T shirt and be included in all discussions and emails etc.

The biggest expense of sailing is the cost of the sails so we need to find ways to keep the quality of the sails at a reasonable standard. Part of your weekend racing fees and any membership fees would all go to the future cost of sails.

We are looking into bringing back the training weekends so watch out for news of future dates. Also check out the “sailing manual” on this site if you are relatively new to sailing a Platu. It is intended as an elementary guide on how to crew in plain language.

Doug Smith  084-908-3043

[email protected] also on line and whatsapp.

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