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Platu Class rules

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Thailand amendments to the Platu International Class Rules 2011 issue 25th October 2014          

These amendments are necessary to cover the small differences between an original Platu and those built by Beneteau and/or XSP plus some administration matters.

The Thailand amendments to the Platu Class Rules 2011 are administrated by the NPCA, and any questions should be addressed to the co-ordinator Mr. Kevin Scott by email [email protected]

In very special circumstance the NPCA may issue a temporary dispensation to a yacht that does not meet specific rules.


Link to Thai amendments to Class rules 2011 issue 7


 ABSOLUTE Platu One Design Class rules 2016, dated June 11th 2016

All Platus in this class will be fitted with controlled sails to be supplied by the organisers. These sails will conform to the Platu Class rules 2011, section G1 to G5. They will be of equal design and material, made by the same manufacturer and be maintained such that they have all had, within reason, an equal amount of use. This is exactly the same system used for match racing.

Apart from the above, the boats conform to the Platu Class rules of 2011, modified by the Thailand  amendments dated 25 October 2014.

The boats are all prepared by the organisers to be as equal as possible in every way.

prepared by Kev Scott 11 June 2016.







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