PLATU NOR’s 2024

 OMJ Platu Championship of Thailand 2024

   Notice Of Race           updated ….November 2023


The racing is organised by the Ocean Marina Yachts Club under the auspices of the  Yacht Racing  Association of Thailand. They will be held in the waters off the Ocean Marina, Na- Jomtien, Thailand. All enquiries should be addressed to: Mr.Thammasak

email:    khun Thammasak    [email protected]      Telephone: 081 – 864 1692

  1. RULES
  • The Regattas will be governed by: The Racing Rules of Sailing. No national prescriptions shall apply.

The Platu 25 Class Rules 2018 as amended by the NCA of Thailand.

This Notice of Race and as amended by the Sailing Instructions.

  • Between the hours of local sunset and sunrise the International Rules for Preventing Collisions at Sea shall apply.
  • The World Sailing Special Regulations Appendix J, Category 5 Special Regulations shall apply to all These shall include, but may not be restricted to the following: yachts must carry a suitable engine and adequate fuel, anchor and towing lines as well as lifejackets for all crew. The participating yachts must adhere to reporting schedules, minimum drinking water requirements, if any. Additional safety rules, if any, will be available from the organizing committee before racing.
  • All yachts MUST have a functioning VHF Marine Band Radio, for monitoring channels 72 and 16
  • Advertising on a boat or by its crew is permitted in accordance with the ISAF advertising code, formerly known as Category C
  • The Organizing Committee may require all participating boats to display the event sponsor’s advertising on the first 20% percent of the hull and the first 20% of the mainsail boom plus a sponsor’s flag of maximum size 500 mm x 750 mm on the backstay

Entry fee is 7,000 Baht for the boat and all its crew.


This is the proposed schedule for events. However, the Organizing Committee

reserves the right to amend this schedule.

Round 1  MARCH 8/9/10

Round 2  MAY 10/11/12

Round 3  JULY 5/6/7

Round 4  NOVEMBER  22/23/24   final round


There will be a skipper’s briefing at 09.30 on each day of racing and the First warning signal will be at 10.55 hrs each day.


The racing area will be in front of the Ocean Marina Pattaya. A description of courses to be used will be discussed at the skipper’s briefing. The courses will be inshore windward leewards at the discretion of the organizers. The course(s) will be chosen to take into account the prevailing, or forecasted weather conditions on the day of the race.


a,The regatta will be scored as in Appendix A of the Racing Rules using the Low Point system.

b.The last race of each regatta will be a double points scoring race.

c.There will be one drop score allowed for day one only of each round.

d.The Championship will be scored using three best scores from all 4 rounds.


All yachts shall be liable for inspection in accordance with safety and measurement requirements

  1.   AWARDS

Awards will be given to the top three crews at each event and the top three for the year.


The Organizing Committee, the Race Committee, the Regatta sponsors and their representatives, officers, members and volunteers accept no liability whatsoever for any loss of life, property, personal injury, or damage caused by or arising out of the Regatta. Participants compete entirely at their own risk.


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