History of the Platu and Coronation Cup Results

The Platu 25 Story followed by Coronation Cup Results from 1996.

A group of Thai businessmen formed the company known as Phatra Marine Products Company Limited. They wanted to build a Marina in Hua Hin on the West Coast of the Gulf of Thailand and run a fleet of One Design boats.

With connections to Bruce Farr, they asked the famous designer to create a one
design yacht especially suited to the waters in the Gulf of Thailand. The boat being
small  but special was named after a small fish which is a delicacy here in Thailand. ‘Pla’ is Thai for fish and ‘Tu’ is the type of fish.

Small but special,  the Platu 25 was born and Mcdell Marine of New Zealand were chosen for the build. On 19th March 1995 24 Platus arrived in Thailand and in 1996 the first Platu 25 One DesignRegatta known as the Coronation Cup was held off the coast of Hua Hin. This was a result of the owners wanting to link their yacht to THE KING of Thailand who
was a very keen yachtsman and Olympic medal winner.

Unfortunately in 1997 there was a financial crash in Thailand and development of the Marina was stopped. This also crashed the dream of the businessmen and to this day the
Marina with its One Design fleet has never been completed.

However, the Coronation Cup was continued to be held and today is the one of the most prestigeous yachting trophies in Thailand. The event is held in early May within the
International Top of The Gulf Regatta at the Ocean Marina Pattaya.

Beneteau saw and liked the Platu and bought the rights to build it in Europe. They had to
make some small modifications to the original boats including a 40 mm slimming of
the deck to accommodate the road transport rules of most European countries. In 2007
the class was registered with ISAF and a set of international class rules was
produced. Thailand produced an ‘amendment to International class rules’ to
accommodate the minor differences between the original Mcdell and the Beneteau

In 2008 Xtreme Sailing Products , XSP of Singapore, bought the original Mcdell moulds
and the rights to produce the Platu and Mcdell ceased production. It is ironic
that XSP’s first order for 11 Platus came from New Zealand! Since then their
boats are being sold all over Europe and becoming known for their excellent

The specific design of the Platu and it’s need for a well organized crew of 5 is recognized
by many professional crews who use the boat to hone their skills.

The design also allows inexperienced crews to learn to sail in safety, while requiring
precise skills to sail the boat fast.

Ferret News   February 2012


Written by Kev Scott……  International Class co-ordinator Thailand.

CORONATION CUP results from the first event in 1996

1996  Vinai Vongtim, Sittisak  Musikul, Somkiat   Poonpat, Prasertsak  Moolprasert,Chatchai  Soung – oon

1997  Damrongsak  Vongtim, Niwat  Triyot, Julapong  Janyim, Chayaan  Pholphitaksiri,

Suwat   Mangkang

1998  XP  Garcia, Louie  Perfectua, Lino  Perfectua, Stephen Tan, Allan  Balladares

1999  Warwick Downes, Glenn Kim, Evelyn Lam, Nick Burns, Mo

2000  Not Run

2001 SNBYC Lt Vinai Vongtim,Oaychai Choompuvises ,Chatchai Sang-un,Chayan


2002 ACYC   Scott Duncanson, Muzza Nordstrand, Andrew Debruin,Rob Taylor, Brian Ritchie

2003 TEAM    PASAYA ,

2004 Somkiat  Poonpat, Wiwat Poonpat,Tawan Parintanan, Aek Lokitiyakul, Dalad Harivarawong

HELD WITHIN ToG from here on…..

2005  Neil Semple and Morten Jakobsen

2006 Marty Kaye, Jamie Mcwilliams , 2nd Scott Duncanson

2007 K.Aek, Wiwat Poonpat, Caddie, Team Naiad

2008 Team Ferret Scott Duncanson,Trent Pedersen, Lim Veerasit ,Scott Venes, Kev Scott ,2nd Wiwat Poonpat, 3rd Ray Waldren

2009 Ray Roberts, Ed Smyth , Steve Makka , Tim, Brad , 2nd Scott Duncanson, 3rdMax Soh

2010 Team Ferret  Scott Duncanson ,Jeremy Chase , Trent Pedersen , Nils Razmilovic, Kev Scott, 2nd Rolf Heemskerk, 3rd Wiwat Poonpat

2011 Team Knock em Sideways  Shaun Toh , Jason etc, 2nd Kenta Inaba, 3rd Wiwat Poonpat

2012  Team Tiger  Chris Way , Peter Gregg, Peter Winter Tom Spithill, Mal Clarke, 2nd Rolf Heemskerk, 3rd, Ken Russel SMU

2013 Team Black Betty, Gary Mcnally, 2nd Brian Mcmaster, 3rd Andrew Moore

2014  Scott Duncanson .(.second Chris Way third Rolf Heemskerk)

2015  Scott Duncanson, ( second Chris Way, third Ben Williams)

2016 Scott Duncanson ( second Chris Way, third Valery Dishenko)

2017 ?????

Ferret News,written by Kev Scott.




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