February 8th 2018

HOT NEWS..we have just added Phuket Race week to the Platu Championship series 2018 making 4 events in all. For further details see Championship 2018 / PRW on this site.

Happy new year. January 17th 2018

The season truly gets underway the first week in March with the Platu Transworlds. With entries from Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Lithuania, Australia, Malaysia and of course Thailand this will truly be an International event of the highest quality.

Also, just formed…Freedom  Sailing. An organisation created to give people with disabilities the chance to enjoy the freedom of the sea. More details under the heading FREEDOM SAILING.

5th November 2017

Congratulations to Chris Way and his Easy Tiger team for winning the Platu Cup and with it the Platu Championship of Thailand 2017. See full report on this site at Championship 2017/Platu Cup.

13 September 2017

At this years World Championships in Sicily we will be discussing the possibility of holding the Platu World Championships 2019, here at the Ocean Marina Yacht Club  in Pattaya Thailand. There will be hurdles to cross but the Platu International Committee are 100% behind the suggestion.

12 September 2017

next event is the Platu Cup..Nov 3/4/5th . See Championship 2017 for NOR’s

7th May 2017

ROLF HEEMSKIRK wins the Platu Coronation Cup at the Top of the Gulf regatta.

Finally after coming second three times by the closest possible margins, Rolf wins the coveted Coronation Cup. For detailed reports and photos visit


4 April 2017

Ocean Marina yacht Club..Orphan’s day out.

In this day and age of apparently bad news every day, it is a great relief to bring good news about good people.

A small group of sailors, based at Ocean Marina Yacht Club near Pattaya, got together and organized a day out for the children of the Camillus Foundation of Thailand.

These are orphans and most of them with the added burden of being HIV infected. By giving their time, energy and resources this small group of sailors provided a day out to remember for 50 children and their ten carers. It was also a day out to remember for the organisers because these children were so happy, well behaved and appreciative of the days fun. Credit must also go to Ocean Marina Yacht Club who backed up the organisers with enormous help and assistance on and off the water. Thankyou.

The weather was very kind to the organisers by providing a nice calm day with good shade from the normally merciless sun. And so a small flotilla set off from the marina in yachts ranging from multi million pound catamarans to small racing yachts so that the children could witness the wide variety of yachts based at the marina that provide fun for their owners. There was just enough wind to blow the flotilla slowly to anchor just off Bang Saray. This is when the real fun started with the children jumping into the small dinghies and canoes supplied by the Yacht Club. Paddling around on a nice flat sea gave them a chance to let off steam and judging by the shouts of excitement this is when they could all enjoy the water. Swimming was also on the agenda which included some screaming while jumping off the high deck of the biggest boat. If noise level was any indication of the fun level …it was very high indeed.

The relative quiet that followed was an indication that lunch had arrived and appetites were high.

Then it was time to head back to the marina. Luckily the wind had picked up enough for the small racing yachts to give the children their first taste of what racing is all about. Judging by their reaction and screams they all seemed to enjoy it.

And so it was back to terra firma but the fun had not stopped. The children politely lined up to receive their t shirt, emblazoned with a sailing yacht, as a reminder of the day. Then it was group photos followed by some heart tugging thank you speeches from a whole range of children of all ages, down to a two year old that simply stole everyone’s heart. Luckily the mood was lightened with the arrival of delicious ice creams, generously sponsored by a local company that is always at the front of the queue when it comes to offering help on such occasions.

It is a great credit to the foundation that cares for these children. They were all well dressed, well behaved, polite but still retained that essential of all children…full of life and mischievousness.

A big thankyou to the organizer and everyone who contributed to a wonderful day for everyone who was there.

Thought for the day. It makes you happier to give than to take.

Ferret News..written by Kev Scott 4th April 2017.


April 1st 2017

Chris Way of Australia won the MRX fleet racing challenge event in New Zealand for the second year running. Congratulations Chris and good luck next time!

February 13th 2017

Chris Way of Australia won the 3rd Platu Transwold regatta. For a full report, results and photos go to the Championship 2017 section of this site.

November 21st 2016

Entries for the Platu, Transworld, Regatta next February are looking good. To date we have entries from Australia, Estonia, Japan, Thailand, UK, Russia, Malaysia and Latvia. 12 of the 13 Platus here in Pattaya are all entered and we expect the 13th will be joining in as well.  for full details see article in the Championship 2017/Transworlds section.

Oct 25th 2016

Kingdom Property, helmed by Scott Duncanson, win the Platu Cup and become the Platu Champions of Thailand for the third year running. See Championship 2016 section for report,photos and results.

Sept 28th 2016

Some good news !!

Newspapers are full of sad stories and stories of rich people trying to get even richer by cheating.

Luckily we have a totally different story based at the Ocean Marina Yacht Club in Pattaya.

A group of people have given up their time and expense to give Nantini Dhoowa the chance to realize a dream. “Nina’ is severely disabled but nevertheless is fully committed to go sailing. Not on a 42 foot cruising yacht will all amenities but she has chosen to experience life on a Platu, a 25 foot racing yacht with no amenities, just a lot of ropes.

Thanks go to

Scott Finsten, the harbor master, for arranging to provide marina facilities free of charge.

Peter Jacobs, for arranging the complicated off water arrangements.

James Mutter of Sailquest, for providing the “on water” arrangements

K Wikki Nualkahair for generously providing the Platu 25 yacht.

Doug Smith and Kev Scott for modifying the boat to accept Nina’s wheelchair.

Grant Atkinson, at the North sails repair loft, for modifying sails to suit the trip free of charge

Nina, for being brave and adventurous.


If you are in the area this Sunday please get out onto the water and follow Nina’s trip. We leave the dock at 10.00 hrs and sail towards Royal Varuna Yacht Club where club members will sail out to meet the intrepid sailor.

Keep in touch on channel 69.


Ferret news..Kev Scott 28 Sept 2016



Sept 15th. Guy Nowell of Guy Nowell Photography and editor of  has produced a great article to wet your appetite for the Transworld regatta next February. Check out this link.  Thankyou Guy.,-9-12-February-2017,-Pattaya,-Thailand/148187

August 30th 2016

Congratulations to Chris Way and his crew for coming 8th at the recent Platu Worlds event in Switzerland. Competition was fierce and the sailing area on a lake was a far cry from our normal situation on the sea.

Kev Scott, Thomas Valentin and Nathan Masopust were also racing. Their final position is not discussed here but sufficient to say their boat was called ..”better than nothing ” !!

August 18th 2016

Nathan, Thomas, Thomas’s brother Louis and Kev are off to the Platu Worlds today in Brunnen Switzerland to represent Thailand and Chris Way will be heading there with his team of hot shots from Australia. Good luck boys.

July 13th 2016

Next week sees the inaugural ABSOLUTE Platu One Design Class event at Phuket Race week. This is the start of a great new class in Phuket, determined to offer equal racing for all at a competitive price. All Platus in the class will be fitted with the same design and quality of sail to ensure a purely ONE DESIGN experience. No more having to pay top prices for laminate sails to try to keep up with the rock stars. All boats equal, all sails equal…its just how good you are getting round the corners and finding the best wind.

The next event will be the Kings Cup early December. To book a boat call Mike on 087 281 0458 or email him at [email protected]


June 17th 2016

Please note that the Platu OPEN regatta scheduled for August 12/13/14th has had to be cancelled for a lack of 6 confirmed entries. Please register now for the Platu Cup in October. See Championship 2016 Platu Cup section on this site.

June 8th 2016

Lots happenning here in Thailand so please check your diaries.
Next Platu Championship of Thailand events
August 12/13/14th  Platu Open at Ocean Marina Pattaya…3rd round of 2016
October22/23/24th Platu Cup at Ocean Marina Pattaya……final round of 2016

We will introduce a special division within the class, for those crews in the early stages of One Design racing. The top crews can still enjoy their top level sailing but we want to encourage less experienced crews to come and enjoy the fun. Email me for information about sponsorship for this division.
[email protected]

There is now a Platu Class at Phuket Race Week 20-24th July 2016…six boats signed up so just two boats available today
and at The Kings Cup December 2016. Two already signed up and three negotiating as at today.

There are now 8 platus based permanently in Phuket so watch out for regular Platu racing there in future. 

May 5th 2016

Scott Duncanson wins the 2016 Coronation Cup aboard the Kingdom Property Platu.

This was his sixth win of the famous Cup and his unprecedented third win n a row.

see Chapionship 2016/Top of the Gulf section for more details.

April 10th 2016

Top of the Gulf has a great PLATU entry list registered already.

See Championship 2016/Top of the Gulf section for details.

April 5th 2016

Scott Duncanson on Kingdom Property won the second running of the TRANSWORLD regatta. see Championship 2016/Transworld section for full report and results.

March 1st 2016



SIX “ABSOLUTE“, ONE DESIGN PLATUS ( more to follow at a later date)




(only sails provided by the organisers allowed for racing in this special class)

(the same system as used for match racing, to provide absolute equality of boats)


The ABSOLUTE Championship 2016 will consist of 3 events…..PRW, KC, plus one other (date to be advised)




We doubt you can find a more exciting format in Phuket




One Other 2 day event, date to be advised……35,000 baht


This is a new concept to promote Platu One Design racing at a reduced cost and provide complete equality with your competitors. A class of ABSOLUTELY equal boats.

Boats will all use sails provided by the organisers. Such sets of sails will be of identical construction and equal condition.

Owners of other Platus can take part in this class provided they use “controlled sails” provided by the organisers and allow inspection of their boat for compliance to the Class Rules.

ALL ENQUIRIES NOW TO Kev Scott, Thailands International Platu Class co-ordinator.

email [email protected]

thai mobile +66 878 25 00 11

February 11th 2016

Top of the Gulf 2016

Pre event information of the One Design, Platu Class, racing for HIS MAJESTY’S Coronation Cup.

This year continues the remarkable attraction of the Top of the Gulf Regatta and the famous Coronation Cup first held in 1996.

Crews from all over the world come to experience some of the closest and exciting racing on the water.

New this year is the “Controlled Sails Division”. Boats in this division will all be using identical sails the same as used for Match racing events, creating a truly One Design competition. These sails are Class legal and are eligible for overall awards as well as the CSD award.

Entrants to date include.

Scott Duncanson, an Australian living in Thailand and sailing for Kingdom Property, has won this event for the last two years and hopes to complete the hat trick in 2016.

No one had ever defended the Coronation Cup before so to be on the brink of three in a row would be a great achievement, especially as his competitors improve every year.

Chris Way, Team Easy Tiger, from Australia, won the event in 2012 and will be looking to repeat that win. He likes champagne! Rolf Heemskerk, a Dutchman living in Malaysia, has been the unluckiest sailor in the event having missed out by two metres in the final race one year and losing on the most closely contested countback in history another year. Good luck this year Rolf.

Valeriy Dichenko. A Russian entry we do not know much about. Maybe the dark horse of the regatta?

Colin Simonds from England. Colin usually teams up with his wife and with Frenchman Alex Audibert and they form a very effective team. Getting closer to the podium every year, so definitely one to watch.

Singapore Management University will be attacking in numbers again this year with three Platus on order already and perhaps a fourth to follow. These enthusiastic sailors bring joy to the regatta with their sailing skills and their happy disposition regardless of results. We thank them for their continued support every year.

Hiroshi Yoshino,  from Japan. We do not have full details of expectancy at this time but are excited to welcome a team from the land of the Rising Sun again.

Tim Browne, team Weasel. Tim is an Englishman living in Thailand. This team has shown great potential in the past and is often seen at the front of the fleet during races. We hope they will find more consistency this year and get the result they are more than capable of.

K Ithinai Yingsiri. team Pine Pacific. K.Ithiani has supported the Platu racing here in Pattaya for many years and is always in the mix. He would easily win any award for “concourse elegance” for the presentation of his Platu and his crew.

K.Wiwat Poonpat racing for The Thai Royal Navy. Not a confirmed entry as at today but we all hope K Wiwat will show us his skills on the water again this year. He is a past winner of the Coronation Cup in 2004 and 2007 and his relations were on the winning boat for the first ever Coronation Cup in 1996.

He also won his class at last year’s Kings Cup.

Kev Scott. Hoping to get a  team together this year having sailed on the famous Ferret with Scott Duncanson for many years as his foredeck hand. Racing for the fun of it in his later years but will still bring along his Ferret attitude.


Article by Kev Scott, Ferret News, Feb 11th 2016

January 1st 2016
Here is a quick update on the One Design Racing season at the Ocean Marina Yacht Club, Pattaya, Thailand 2016.
Full details of events, NOR’s, charter boats etc are elsewhere on this website
1st event, the Platu Transworld regatta 30th March to 3rd April 2016.
There are already teams registered from Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Russia, Latvia, Estonia, England, Phillipines, Singapore, Japan and Thailand.
We still have one or two excellent charter boats available, ready to win in the right hands.
 2nd event of the Platu Championship is the Top of the Gulf regatta, April 30th to 4th May 2016.                a good entry list already, book your boat now.
 3rd event, the Platu OPEN, August 12/14th 2016 , now a three day event
4th and final event the Platu Cup October 22/24th 2016 also a three day event.

Match Racing
2016 dates for Match Racing at Royal Varuna Yacht Club Pattaya
Grade 3 March 22/23rd 2016             Grade 2 March 25/26/27th 2016
Check out

PLATU WORLDS    Brunnen, Switzerland , late August 2016
If you have any interest to go please contact [email protected]

Happy New Year to you all

November 24th 2015

This article is worth us all reading!                                       

October 24th 2015

It’s later than you think. Platu Transworlds in Pattaya, 31st March to 3rd April 2016 and Top of the Gulf regatta first week of May. If you want a charter boat start making plans now. Judging by early enquiries we should see all the fleet on the water for both these top class events. NORs and further details elsewhere on this site.

October 19th 2015

Congratulations to Chris Way, Team Easy Tiger, for winning the Platu Cup , the last round of the Thailand One Design Platu Championship. See full report in Championship 2015 section of this site.

Congratulations to Scott Duncanson, Team Kingdom Property, winners of the One Design Platu Championship of Thailand 2015 with 5 points. Chris Way second on 8 points and Rolf Heemskerk third on 9 points.

July 29th 2015

Please note that the Platu National Championship regatta Aug 14-16th will now become the Platu OPEN Championship of Thailand. “Open” to all Nationality of crew. The NORS have been amended accordingly.  see Platu Championship 2015, Platu OPEN section,

July 6th 2015

NOR’s for the TRANSWORLD Regatta March 31st -April 3rd 2016 are now available on this site..see Championship 2016/Transworlds 2016 section. For all those crews disappointed that the financial situation in Greece forced cancellation of this years Platu Worlds, this is your chance to race against some of the worlds best Platu sailors in the warm seas at Ocean Marina, Pattaya, Thailand.

July 1st 2015

Platu National regatta Thailand Aug 14/15/16th Nors now available on this site. See header Nationals 2015 

May 23 2015

CONTROLLED SAILS…Starting with the Platu Nationals of Thailand in August 2015 there wll be a “controlled sails” division within the fleet. Sails will be controlled and supplied by the organisers to maintain equality. This will significantly reduce costs for some while allowing others to continue to use the best sails available.

May 5th 2015

Scott Duncanson wins the Coronation Cup 2015 and becomes the first sailor to defend his win from last year.

April 24th 2015

15 Platu crews are registered for the biggest event of the year, the Coronation Cup, held within the Top of the Gulf Rally in Pattaya Thailand. Scott Duncanson with team Kingdom Property will be hoping to become the first skipper to defend the title he won last year. See entry list in ToG section on this site.

March 22nd 2015

Mati Sepp of Estonia wins the first Transworld Regatta 2015

see full report/results and photo link in the Transworld section of this site

March 9th 2015

Do not forget it is the Platu TRANSWORLD regatta at Ocean Marina Pattaya from 19th to 22nd March. This event brings together some of the best crews in the world. See Transworld section for more details.

March 8th 2015

Mati Sepp from Estonia won the Grade 2 Match Racing event at Royal Varuna Yacht Club. He beat Maxi Soh from Singapore in the Final. Maxi won the grade 3 event the previous week. see match racing section for more details and photos.

January 2015

Welcome to 2015. What a great list of events we have for you Platu Sailors.

Garde 3 ( Feb 28th to 2 March ) and Grade 2 (March 5th – 8th) match racing at Royal Varuna Yacht Club in March..Then a truly international list of crews for the Transworld Invitational regatta ( March 20-22nd)  and of course the famous Coronation cup within the Top of the Gulf regatta( May 1-4th). It already looks like all 17 platu will be out there racing with Scott Duncanson on Kingdom Property trying to be the first crew to successfully defend the Coronation Cup. Scott has won it four times but never consecutively. Check this link to read about his first success on Nataya Platu  131.

List of winning crews ….CORO CUP HISTORY from 1996

1996  Vinai Vongtim, Sittisak  Musikul, Somkiat   Poonpat, Prasertsak  Moolprasert,Chatchai  Soung – oon

1997  Damrongsak  Vongtim, Niwat  Triyot, Julapong  Janyim, Chayaan  Pholphitaksiri,

Suwat   Mangkang

1998  XP  Garcia, Louie  Perfectua, Lino  Perfectua, Stephen Tan, Allan  Balladares

1999  Warwick Downes, Glenn Kim, Evelyn Lam, Nick Burns, Mo

2000  Not Run

2001 SNBYC Lt Vinai Vongtim,Oaychai Choompuvises ,Chatchai Sang-un,Chayan


2002 ACYC   Scott Duncanson, Muzza Nordstrand, Andrew Debruin, Rob Taylor, Brian Ritchie

2003 TEAM    PASAYA ,

2004 Somkiat  Poonpat, Wiwat Poonpat,Tawan Parintanan, Aek Lokitiyakul, Dalad Harivarawong

HELD WITHIN ToG from here on…..

2005  Neil Semple and Morten Jakobsen

2006 Marty Kaye, Jamie Mcwilliams , 2nd Scott Duncanson

2007 K.Aek, Wiwat Poonpat, Caddie, Team Naiad

2008 Team Ferret Scott Duncanson,Trent Pedersen, Lim Veerasit ,Scott Venes, Kev Scott ,2nd Wiwat Poonpat, 3rd Ray Waldren

2009 Ray Roberts, Ed Smyth , Steve Makka , Tim, Brad , 2nd Scott Duncanson, 3rdMax Soh

2010 Team Ferret  Scott Duncanson ,Jeremy Chase , Trent Pedresen , Nils Razmilovic, Kev Scott ,2nd Rolf Heemskerk, 3rd Wiwat Poonpat

2011 Team Knock em Sideways  Shaun Toh , Jason etc, 2nd Kenta Inaba, 3rd Wiwat Poonpat

2012  Team Tiger  Chris Way , Peter Gregg, Peter Winter, Tom Spithill, Mal Clarke, 2nd Rolf Heemskerk, 3rd, Ken Russel SMU

2013 Team Black Betty, Gary Mcnally, 2nd Brian Mcmaster, 3rd Andrew Moore

2014  Scott Duncanson team Kingdom Property.(.second Chris Way Easy Tiger , third Rolf Heemskerk)

December 10th 2015 at today these are the countries coming to the TRANSWORLD REGATTA next March.

Italy ( Platu world champions) Germany, Estonia, Latvia, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Japan, Singapore, Norway (Match Race world number 3) , Malaysia and Thailand of course.

This will become the biggest event of the year here in this space !!!

Some charter boats still available.

October 28th 2014

CONGRATULATIONS…Thailand youth team has just won the world team Championships in Argentina,when they beat Singapore in the finals. FANTASTIC.

check out this link

October 20th 2014

Scott Duncanson, sailing his Kingdom Property Platu,  wins the Platu Cup 2014 and becomes the 2014 Platu Champion of Thailand. Full report and photos via the Platu Championship/Plau Cup header on this site.

October 3rd 2014

Final event in the Platu Championship is the Platu Cup Oct 18/19th. Get ready for some very close racing as the main protagonists to be CHAMPION 2014 are seperated by very few points and will be doing their result calculations continuously.

July 1st 2014

Next event in the Platu Championship of Thailand is the Platu Nationals August 16/17th with practising and boat prep on the 15th. See NOR’s in Platu Championship section/ Platu Nationals 2014

or use this link to the NOR’s

May 6th 2014

Scott Duncanson sailed his Kingdom Properties sponsored Platu 103 to victory in the Coronation Cup 2014. This is his fourth Coronation Cup win out of 18 such events! Very changeable winds made it a difficult, tactical event and Chris Way, the winner in 2012, made sure Scott had to work very hard to secure the win by just one point. Rolf Heemskerk was a creditable third overall considering his regular crew were unable to sail this year. The young guns from Singapore Management University stepped in at the last minute and obviously did a great job for Rolf.  see TOG link for photos and results.

March 23rd 2014

Chris Way of Australia won the Platu ONE DESIGN Open Championship of Thailand with Rolf Heemskerk second and Scott Duncanson third, sailing his ” Kingdom Properties” boat for the very first time after a full refit.  report and full results to follow on the PLATU OPEN link.

Feb 27th 2014

There is a talk by John Doerr who was an umpire at the 2013 Americas Cup. This should be very interesting with some juicy bits of information from behind the scenes. To be held at Royal Varuna Yacht Club Friday 14th March at 19.30 hrs. This is also the first of 3 days of World class Match Racing and you are invited to go along and watch the action which takes place just a few metres off shore. Well worth a visit.

February 5th 2014

In March we have the “Platu Festival” with Match Racing at Royal Varuna and the Platu OPEN fleet racing the following weekend. Check out the link ‘PLATU FESTIVAL”.

Watch out regular Platu crews !!… rumour has it that one of the best skippers around is busy preparing a Platu and has put together a top crew to challenge all four of this years Platu Championship events. This is the only skipper to have won the Coronation Cup three times!

We are also hoping to announce a big name sponsor for the Platu Championship sometime in March. This would allow us to accelerate promotion of this One Design class, which is already gaining in status every year.

Already planned for March 18-22nd 2015 we will hold the first PLATU TRANSWORLD INVITATIONAL, inviting the five top European crews to come and race against the best crews in Asia. It is not practical to hold The Platu Worlds here yet but this new event is designed to bring the top ten Platu crews in the World together at Ocean Marina. We also hope to have several “all Thai” teams entered.

December 9th 2013

It will be the SB20 Asia Pacific Championship in Singapore from 16-18 January 2014. There will be 3 great days of sailing off the East Coast of Singapore. Last year, there were great conditions for the entire regatta.  Looking to get 20+ boats out on the start line and charters are still available.

A press release from the Straits Regatta (which is hosting the event) is here -


October 14th 2013

Chris Way just beats Rolf Heemskerk for the Platu Cup after some extremely close and exciting racing in excellent conditions.

see full report in Platu Cup section of this site.

October 8th 2013

What a fantastic entry list for the Platu Cup. The last of this years Platu ONE DESIGN Championship of Thailand. Ten entrants are travelling in from Australia, Cambodia, India, Malaysia,Japan and England etc. Plus the “all Thai” team of K. Ithinai and a youth team aboard Platu 117 Stingray. The wind forecast is getting better all the time so this should be a good one.

June 2nd.

Samui regatta was a great success wth  great winds and calm seas. OMYC crews did well, with Gary Baguley on ElCoyote coming second in his class and Brian on Siren showing well in fourth. Kev Scott sailed with David Liddel on Miss Saigon and won the multihull class. If you did not go you missed a great regatta and should put May 24th 2014 into your diary now.

May 8th 2013

Top of the Gulf was a great success. Gary Mcnally from Australia won the Coronation Cup as last years winner, Chris Way, struggled to get up to speed with his brand new boat. See full details in the ToG section on this site.

March 22nd 2013

Look out, the Easy Tiger team skippered by Chris Way, is coming to ToG to defend the Coronation Cup they won last year. Rolf Heemskerk and his Viewpoint team however will be trying very hard to reverse the extremely close count back decision which cost him the win last year. Chris is coming dircetly  from his second placing in the recent Melges 32 National Championship of Australia. See the ToG section of this site for full entry list details.


March 17th 2013

Chris Way of Australia wins the Platu OPEN Championship of Thailand. see race report and results in the Platu Championship section of this site. Also check out this link……….


March 10th 2013

How international can you get?  Two Japanese teams, one Australian team , one Malaysian team , a Russian team, two Estonian teams a Cambodian team and an all Thai team plus crews from England, Holland, France etc.  These are the crews waiting to challenge for the Platu OPEN Championship of Thailand starting with a practise day on Friday the 15th followed by the two day regatta. This is the first of a four regatta series making up the “” One Design Platu Championship of Thailand 2013 sailed out of the Ocean Marina, Pattaya.

This class is gaining recognition rapidly and the proof of this is the arrival of two brand new boats for Chris Way and Rolf Heemskerk.

March 4th 2013

The Match racing at Royal Varuna was sailed in winds of up to 18 knots and the truly International crews had to work very hard to keep their boats upright and fend off the opposition at the same time. Even Bjorn Hanson, the world number two, had to fight hard to keep the young guns from Singapore at bay. See full reports via the website

Match racing at RVYC March 1-3rd 2013. check out this link

This will be followed by the Platu OPEN Championship of Thailand March 15-17th, and already we have 4 world class crews  within  the eleven registered entries.

Dec 13th 2012

It is now confirmed that two brand new Platus will be arriving at Ocean Marina in March 2013 . This One Design Class is growing and you can get involved for only 5000 baht. This is the “sponsored” cost to charter a Platu for the two days of Ocean Marina club sailing which holds racing every second weekend of the month.Check out the Matched Fleet Racing section of this site. 

Dec 9th 2012

Scott Duncanson wins the Platu Class at Kings Cup and becomes one of only 4 skippers to win their class 4 times. Captain Marty’s photos can be seen at

Make a note of this for 2013…..NEW EVENT..

We are building a month long “Platu Festival” Feb18th to March 18th 2013. See seperate section on this site. There will be practise Match and Fleet racing days, professional training days and lectures during the 30 day event. Royal Varuna Yacht Club will be hosting Match Racing of grade five and grade three 1st ,2nd, 3rd March 2013 and Ocean Marina Yacht Club will run the PLATU OPEN  Championship of Thailand 15/17th March 2013.

We have also arranged some practise fleet races 9/10th entry.

July 4th 2012  interesting activity in New Zealand.

NThe Royal Akarana Yacht Club (RAYC) Champion of Champions regatta held just a month ago and sailed in the club’s International Platu 25 Class keelboats was a great success and attracted crews of quality, all current and ex National Champion sailors. Many of those entrants will soon, again step up for another event in the same boats for more close and exciting racing.
The Gulf Harbour and Royal Akarana Yacht Clubs have teamed up and to run the inaugural Platu 25 Peninsula Championship, 2012 series beginning on Saturday 21st July from Gulf Harbour Yacht Club. Up to five races on the Saturday will be followed by another three to five windward/leeward courses the following day, Sunday 22nd to provide a winner of The ‘Yacht Racing Unlimited Ltd’ Act 1 in the two Act series.
The Entry List for Act 1 already includes the names of Craig Coulam (winner C’ of C’ 2006 and second 2012), Kerry Davies, Simon Manning, Nathan Bonney, Matt Woodley and John Weston. The GHYC organisers expect a fleet of ten yachts to race over the weekend under the Race management of National Race Officer Fendall Halliburton and his experienced race management team. There are still three places available to sail in this event so if you’d like to see your name on the Trophy for the first time please contact Suellen at RAYC to book a boat.
The International Platu25 fleet, normally sailed from the Orakei Marina and RAYC will be towed north to Gulf Harbour Marina where it’ll be based for the weekend in the Gulf Harbour Marina. A huge thanks goes to the Gulf Harbour Marina Company for all their assistance. The fleet will be boosted by another Platu that is resident there. The crews will race what is likely to be one of the hardest fought keelboat series held in the area since the Etchells 22 World Championships of some ten years ago.
Prizes for the Gulf Harbour Yacht Club (GHYC) Act 1 regatta include free entry for the winning crew to the Thai National Platu 25 Championship in August this year and a heavily subsidised charter of the yacht in which to sail. The trophy for the double Act series, the second part of which will be held on November 17th and 18th by RAYC, has been donated by Nicky Weston of Yacht Racing Unlimited Ltd (YRU, a sailing coaching business) and is to be presented annually to the lowest points scoring crew from both Acts.
It is intended a close relationship with the Thai Platu fleet will be developed over time and that sailors be given the opportunity to sail this international class in its birthplace, Thailand, in a series of regattas against other Internationals. Sailors may then wish to progress to the World Championships in Europe where the class is particularly strong. The GHYC, Act 1 will be supported by a great social program of dinners, a live band and open bar with all families and crew supporters welcome. It’ll be a fun, competitive weekend.

by John Weston

May 9th 2012

Team ‘Easy Tiger’ sail  ‘The Ferret’ to victory in The Top of The Gulf Regatta to win the most prestigeous Platu award, The Coronation Cup. They beat Rolf Heemskerk aboard Nataya by the narrowest of margins after 3 days of very hard racing in excellent winds.

see further details in the TOG section on this site.

March 19th 2012

After a great battle in strong winds, against Matti Sepp of Estonia,  Rolf Hemskerk retains his Platu OPEN Championshio of Thailand title for the third year year running. Photos , see PHOTOS section.

Feb 13th 2012

If you were not racing with Ocean Marina Yacht Club last weekend you should have been. These monthly races provide great sport with friendly rivalry between a wide range of yachts. Dont miss future events..check the Calendar section NOW. Next event March 10/11th.

The Platu OPEN Championship of Thailand is coming soon and we have two charter boats still available if you want to enjoy close, exciting racing against the top crews. See Platu Championship section on this site.

Jan 17th 2012

Great demand for the One Design Platus for TOTG 2012. It seems that word has got around that the Platu One Design racing is the best. As at today all charter boats have been taken and the rest will be sailed by their owners giving us a start line of 15 boats.


Dec 2011

OMYC sailing. End of year party and awards REPORT.

 Last weekend the big winds provided some of the most exciting sailing ever. The wind constantly changed strength and direction and surely tested the crews ability in all areas of sailing.

A good turnout were all sent on a long distance race around Ko Lan on Saturday and on Sunday the sports boats sailed windward leewards while the rest of the fleet sailed a course including Ko Rang Kwian and the safe water mark south of the marina. Siren lead the fleet as usual but was made to work hard when the wind suddenly dropped out near the finish line and David Wales made rapid gains on her. It was like this most of the two days, big gains and losses according to what the wind wanted to do to you. The wind was so flukey that at one stage The Ferret and The Weasel were sailing directly at each other going upwind. In another incident The Ferret suffered a 90 degree shift while under spinnaker which resulted in a broach and a tough initiation experience for Ying who was experiencing racing for the first time.

El Coyote likes to be in the news and on this occasion the crew did it in style. Launching their TP52 kite in gusts in excess of 20 knots proved a little too adventurous. One minute after launching the kite questioned the wisdom of such an action and blew itself to pieces in spectacular style. The only remains were three one metre triangles of the head, tack and clew.The other 200 metres blew off into the distance.

Kip almost demasted when equipment failed and Tony Mallia completed the first days racing with a floor board where his broken rudder should have been.

Another incident showed us that David Bell, the club Champion, is better suited to handling a yacht than handling a trophy.

But the real reason for this article is to thank the guy who was responsible for organising the whole weekend . Bill Gasson once again proved his exceptional flair for organisation and gave us all one of our best parties ever. Bill may be taking a back seat during racing weekends but we should all be constantly aware of, and thankful for, his continued efforts in all areas of our sailing at OMYC.

I was especially pleased with Bill’s toast to THE KING and the people of Thailand. This is an exceptional country and probably rates as one of the best and safest in the world.

Thanks to Ocean Marina and staff for providing all the unseen work that organises our racing weekends.

Let’s look forward to 2012 and a continuation of the camaraderie and sportsmanship that exists at our great club.

Kev Scott.. Ferret news 12 Dec 2011.

News as at 15th August 2011

Scott Duncanson and Team Ferret, are the new National Platu Champions of Thailand  2011


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