Platu Championship 2021


Round 4. The final round

Report and Results December 11/12th 2021



Seven top quality crews lined up for the fourth and final round of the Ocean Marina Yacht Club’s Platu One Design Championship of Thailand 2021.
Kevin Whitcraft split his already successful team into two entries. K. Ithianai also fielded two teams and brought in some world class sailors from Spain in order to train and improve his crews for the future. FLS logistics sponsored a local team, skippered by Espen Sandeberg. Nathan Masopust, who won the Championship last year, is building a new team this year. The Yacht Racing Association of Thailand, having proven to be unbeatable in the first three rounds, sent along a new crew to increase their experience of the ultra, competitive racing provided by this great One Design Championship. Previous winners of this Championship, Chris Way of Australia and Rolf Heemskerk of Malaysia and Colin Simonds of England were all unable to come this year because of covid restrictions but are more than keen to take part again next year.
Eleven, thirty, minute races over the two days, provided plenty of opportunities for all crews to show their skills. Racing was fast and furious with several race wins being decided by less than a metre, such was the close level of competition. It was interesting to see that the excitement to be racing again meant that for the first race all the boats were a metre over the start line at the horn. A general recall would have spoilt the fun so the race officer decided to let it go.
For once, the weather forecast was correct and crews enjoyed excellent sailing conditions with wind speeds between 12 and 15 knots on day one. With the North Easterly wind having to fight it’s way through high rise buildings this created big oscillations and pressure fluctuations, to keep the tacticians fully occupied. It also gave the race officer a few headaches and kept the mark laying crew very busy until a shift to the North settled in for the rest of the day. Six races on day one, with winds reaching 18 knots at times left crews very happy to get back to the marina for a welcome beer. With five wins, K. Ithinai’s team aboard their immaculately prepared Pine Pacific Platu were the overall leaders.
Day two provided the same wind pattern as day one with very big oscillations in the morning from the North East until settling in with a steady pressure from the North. This time, maximum wind speeds of 22 knots meant that crews had to work very hard to keep upright. Credit must go to Alfie, the 14 year old foredecker aboard FLS logistics who survived the day and who must be wondering why he chose this position to be on the boat. Results for day two followed a similar pattern to day one although Platu 154 seemed to be going a lot faster. This may have had something to do with the forced change of one crew member!. The increased wind pressure tested some of the less experienced crew but such was the overall quality of the crews that there were no major incidents in spite of the wind being very close the maximum for these 25 foot race boats.
Rest times between races were extended to allow crews to prepare themselves for their next battle against the big winds. After such a hard day’s work crews were probably thankful to hear the announcement that the ‘next race’ will be the last race. As usual this was a medal race carrying double points. This always creates increased concentration on the start line.
It is testament to the high quality of the crews in this Championship that there were no major breakages or collisions in such extreme conditions. It was also well noted that all crews readily accepted the rules and readily did their turns when appropriate. Even with such competitive, close racing there were no protests.
Results and presentations quickly followed and all crews were rewarded with a bottle to acknowledge that regardless of their results on this occasion, their participation is what creates the enjoyment for all.
Congratulations to K. Ithinai’s team aboard Platu 257 who won the weekends event. Congratulations to the YRAT team, skippered by Totsapon Mahawichean, who were crowned the OMYC Platu Champions of 2021.
And so ended another, great One Design Platu Championship, proving that this represents some of the closest and most exciting racing available. Testament also to the great camaraderie between the competitors who fight for every inch but with respect for all.
Thanks go to,
The management of Ocean Marina Yacht Club, led by Scott Finsten, for providing all the “ on and off water” support so vital to keep this Championship alive and well.
To K. Thammasak the assistant race officer and his hard working mark boat staff.
To Krystal for her hard work in the office to provide instant results.
To Doug Smith for his unseen work to promote the Class.
To FLS logistics for sponsoring a Platu and helping with general support for yacht racing at OMYC.
To Morten and Apple for being available if a protest committee was needed.
To Tony Hewitt, our beloved flag man, who is unfortunately returning to England.
To David Gray, the photographer.
To all competitors who make this Championship what it is. The best!


FOR THE WEEKEND, 257/16 POINTS, 117/28, 154/42, 122/56, 107/63,258/66, 124/68

FOR THE CHAMPIONSHIP 107/3, 117/6, 124/8, 257/9, 122/10

(For the Championship, Best three results to count, teams to compete in two events to qualify).

Written by Kev Scott, Ferret News 13 th December 2021


Round 3 November 13-14th 

Race report and results

Third round of the OMYC Platu Championship of Thailand 2021

November 13/14th 2021

What a weekend of racing. The wind gods certainly enjoyed themselves.

On Saturday the wind stayed from the North East but with regular 30 degree oscillations. Gusts up to 24 knots often came through the course with 14 knots being the normal strength. In Pattaya a North Easterly comes from over the land where there are lots of high rise condominiums. Even a windward mark one mile out from the beach did not prevent very big changes in wind strength and direction, creating a lot of importance on the tacticians. This One Design Championship is closely contested by very experienced crews and some races were decided by less than one metre and first to last was never more than 20 seconds, so evenly matched were the crews.  The closeness of crew quality also meant there were a lot of noisy, close quarter fights making it good for anyone watching. At the end of Saturday’s five races the YRAT crew finished ahead of Kevin Whitcraft by just 2 points and all to play for on the Sunday. Behind these two, the FLS Logistics crew hung on to third and finished the day with a win.

And so onto Sunday which heralded a whole different story. The day started with a lot less wind but still from the North East. Then it faded to almost nothing before a new breeze came in from the South East ready for race two. But then began a day like no other. The windward mark for the third and last race was set and reset five times before the race officer decided to take a chance and start the race. In the hour and a quarter before that the wind clocked 360 degrees and then backed 90. Patience paid off and for this last race the wind stayed constantly from the North. As always, the last race of the regatta is a medal race with double points on offer. Having shown glimpses of their potential all weekend, Khun Ithinai, on Pine Pacific, finally got the win he deserved, nudging ahead of Kevin Whitcraft by 20 cms at the line. Team YRAT suffered with an OCS but fought their way back to third.

Some great battles and some remarkable comebacks were the order of the weekend because of the constant shifts and pressure differences across the course. Fun for all and proving once again that this One Design fleet produces the most exciting and closest racing of all.

So now we move onto the fourth and final round of this closely fought right to be crowned the One Design, Platu Champion of Thailand 2021.

Final results after 8 races

round 3         championship

Team YRAT…………16 points    overall points  3

Kevin Whitcraft…..19                                            9

FLS logistics…………30                                          8

Pine Pacific………….31                                          14

Le Vent 2……………..39                                         13

Nam prix……………..dns                                        17

Thanks to Ocean Marina Yacht Club for providing all the support for this Championship

Thanks to K Thammasak for his hard work on the committee boat controlling the mark laying

Thanks to Krystal for results

Thanks to Doug Smith for his work in the background

Thanks to Tony Hewitt. The worlds best flagman.

Thanks to Morten and Apple. The protest committee.

Thanks to FLS logistics for providing the bottle awards.

Written by Kev Scott Ferret News 14 November 2021

Report and results Oct 9-10th 2021 Round 2

OMYC Platu Championship round 2 October 2021

and OMYC club racing

Made possible by the ‘on water’ support of OMYC and the generous sponsorship funding by FLS logistics

Report and results

We had to wait seven months after round one before we could hold round two of this 4 event Championship but it was well worth the wait. Four top crews lined up for what turned out to be a great weekend of sailing.

On Saturday the wind was so strong that all the crews opted for the smaller, stronger number 2 jib. What they could not so easily adapt to was the big sea state that does not suit a lightweight, 25 foot race boat. Crews were made to work very hard, especially the foredeckers, who will have had one of the rockiest rides of their lives.  Great credit to all the crews who managed to survive four of the hardest races they will ever experience. Racing was close and the top three boats were on 7,8 and 9 points. The YRAT crew had the most consistent results to finish the day in the lead on 7 points. Le Vent and FLS each won races but were not so consistent as their newly formed crews were learning how to work with each other. Races were limited to just four as crews were tired by then and the weather looked to be increasing. In the interests of safety, enough was enough.

On Sunday the wind and sea state had calmed down considerably, crews were able to run their bigger jibs and enjoy eight short course races. Once again the racing was close with many, very close finishes associated with this great One Design format. The day was completed with the usual double point, “medal” race. After a fine battle YRAT managed to finish just a few metres ahead of the rapidly improving FLS crew.

It is a great compliment to all crews that although the fighting on the water is intense the comradery after racing is great to see.

As well as the Platus this was also a weekend of racing for  OMYC racing and cruising boats. Good to see “Over Here’ coming from RVYC to join in the fun as well. Crews enjoyed courses kept fairly close to the marina in the interest of safety with big winds forecasted. There was a moment of imminent danger when San Sanook’s mast fell down as a result of a broken forestay. Fortunately nobody was hurt in the incident and the boat was able to limp back to the marina under her own power. We should like to thank K. Ithinai’s support boat that immediately went to San San Sanooks assistance. It is a sign of true grit that Craig and his team decided to borrow a Platu for the Sunday and continue racing.

Many thanks to all crew who came racing.  Covid might be restricting numbers but it cannot restrict the enthusiasm and friendship of those who come racing, which are always the best features of this club.

Thanks again to

K Thammasak and his team aboard the committee boat and mark laying boat.

Tony, the world’s number one flag man

OMYC for their all round support of the racing here in Pattaya

FLS logistics for their most generous support which enables the Platu Fleet to continue

and grow.

Kev Scott Ferret News Oct 2021

Round 2 results

Team YRAT 21 points, Team FLS 27 points, Team Le Vent 36 points, Pine Pacific 44 points

results after round 2

Yrat 2, FLS 5, Whitcraft 7, Levent 8, Pine Pacific 10, Namprix 11.

ROUND 1 ….February 27th-28th  see report and results below.

scores after round 1

Team YRAT 1, Team Whitcraft 2, Team FLS 3, Team Grant 4, Team Levent 5,

Team Lucy 5, Team Namprix 6.

UPDATE Sept 25th 2021

as Covid restrictions ease we be will restarting the Championship regattas as follows

Round 2 Oct 9/10th, Round 3 Nov 13/14th, Round 4 Dec 11/12th

Any changes to the above will be updated on this site and advised by email

The FLS sponsored Platu 124 will be there so come along and enjoy the fun.

There will be four Platu Championship events in 2021 with a boat’s best three scores to count towards the Platu Champion of Thailand 2021

By popular demand the format for the Championship regattas will be two day events over a weekend, using short course, Windward Leeward races of approximately 30 minutes. This allows 10 or more races to be run per event. No drop scores and the last race of each regatta is for double points to make sure competition will be close and exciting until the very last race.

We  will cut out all the non competitive “frills” in order to reduce crews costs to an absolute minimum. However this will in no way reduce the “thrills” element of the on water racing format. We will continue to provide some of the most exciting and competitive  One Design racing in Asia.

With some very generous help from some Platu owners. charter boats will be available for only 10,000 baht per event. see Charter boat section of this site.

We are also very grateful to Ocean Marina Yacht Club who will continue their valuable support to this Championship.


Kev Scott

Platu Championship 2021

REPORT of Round 1 Feb 27/28th 2021       

          This year the One Design Platu Championship of Thailand will be fought out over 4 rounds with a crew’s best three results to count.

Seven top class crews sailed the first round in perfect sailing conditions. The sun was shining and the sea was calm, other than when big power boats blasted their way right through the middle of the racing area instead of politely diverting their course a hundred metres.

On Saturday the wind was a constant Westerly between 6 and 8 knots. Luckily the first race was a practice race only because it seemed that half the fleet consisted of “scratch” crews who needed time to get acclimatized with each other. It was not a pretty sight! But, as with all experienced crew, they soon settled into a routine and got ready to race hard.

Right from the start the YRAT team showed their speed and recorded their first win of many over the short windward leeward courses. This short format racing is popular with all the crews and certainly keeps the racing close and exciting for everybody. After 6 races the results began to give some indication of what was to follow. K Tosapon on Platu 107 was leading with 8 points followed by Kevin Whitcraft on Platu 117 on 14 points and Grant Atkinson on 17 points. And so the crews sailed back to the Marina to enjoy a well deserved cold drink and explain their excuses and unlucky wind shifts.

Sunday provided even better sailing conditions with the Southerly wind varying between eight and 13 knots. Although the median wind direction was constant throughout the day, crews reported big oscillating shifts up the course. Once again the YRAT team were the boat to beat and although Kevin Whitcraft finally got the measure of them it was not enough to overhaul their overall scores. As usual for these events there are no drop scores and the final race carries double points. This ensures that results are far from settled and all boats have to do the last race which provides the fiercest racing of all.

Congratulations to all crews for providing a great competition with strong but healthy on water racing and then a most friendly get together for results and a beer afterwards.

Thanks go to Ocean Marina Yacht Club for providing the committee boat and mark laying boat and K. Thammasak to arrange things on and off the water.

Thanks to our ever faithful flag man, Tony Hewitt.

Thanks also to FLS Logistics company who have commissioned the famous Ferret Platu 124 for the year. Their support for the yacht racing at Ocean Marina is most welcome and we have plans to encourage members of their staff to become involved with this great sport of ours.

Results     Team YRAT 18 points, Kevin Whitcraft 32 points, FLS logistics 45 points, Grant Atkinson 47 points, Nathan Masopust 57 points, Lucy Howett 75 points and k. Surapon Tippawongse 82 points.

Alongside this Platu event was the OMYC monthly racing for all classes. Five crews enjoyed a long distance race each day with Morten Jacobsen’s small sports boat enjoying perfect conditions and an even better IRC rating to run away with the victor’s spoils. Because of the big variation between boats of this class it is intended to bring in a PHS system for future events.

Kev Scott, Ferret News 1st March 2021.






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