Platu Cup 2020

updated 9 Sept 2020

The Platu Cup will be held on the 10-11th October 2020.

Normally run over 4 days we need to modify to 2 days because the regular foreign entries will not be able to fly in this year. However, with several hot local crews already committed to race, the event will still provide close and exciting racing as always.

It is run on a short race format which has proven to be most popular with the entrants as it provides the closest and most exciting One Design racing available anywhere.

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Platu Cup 2020 Report October 10/11th 2020

In spite of the covid problem Ocean Marina Yacht Club had a great turnout for the annual Platu Cup. This was the final event scoring towards the Platu Championship of Thailand 2020.

Seven Platu lined up for the start of what was to be a great weekend of racing for all concerned. Using the short course format everyone enjoyed close, exciting racing of the highest quality with no one left trailing the fleet by two hundred metres as can happen in much longer races.

The wind forecast had been a big headache for the organisers with almost no pressure expected, but as it turned out the wind on Saturday was a steady 5 to 8 knots all day with just one big shift and change of course, towards the North in the afternoon.

Six, two lap windward leeward races of approximately 25 minutes each gave competitors plenty of time racing. With a minimum of five minutes rest between races crew found this format to be less exhausting that two or three one hour races. It also avoids the soul destroying situation of a trailing crew seeing the fleet racing away in the far distance during the last lap, with no chance to catch up. Boats raced in close quarters with very little distance between first and last.

Sunday saw a similar wind pattern and five races were run with the final race, a medal race, with double points.

Results gave Platu 117 Stingray, the win after a close fought battle with the new kids on the block on the YRAT platu 107. Platu 122 Le Vent, with Nathan Massopust not only came third but also by virtue of this result and his result at the Transworld regatta becomes the Platu Champion of Thailand 2020.Congratulations Champ!

Platu 107 This had a new, youthful and super keen crew associated with YRAT and a world champion helm aboard. They gave the far more experienced crew aboard 117 a hard time and earned their second place overall.

Platu 116 This boats crew only came together on the day before the event. Several had not met each other before and some had not even been on a Platu before. Under these circumstances they put up a very creditable performance, with some results that should encourage them.

Platu 117. Also having a world champion helm aboard, this proved how experience provides results. Coming from helming a TP 52 must have been a bit of a shock but it did not seem to affect her very much. Also aboard was Tom Whitcraft who, with his brother Kevin, have done a lot to support the Platu fleet over many years. First overall.

Platu 118. Khun Surapol has recently started to regularly support the Platu racing here at OMYC and that is very much appreciated. Unfortunately equipment failure prevented this crew from getting the results they are very capable of.

Platu 122. Nathan Massopust and crew have been great supporters of the Platu racing for many years and their determination has been rewarded with a podium place on this event resulting in them becoming the Platu Champions of Thailand 2020. Hail the Champions.

  1. Again this crew was put together at the very last minute and raced very well considering it was a scratch team. With a 13 year old foredecker, Alfie Smith, they must be delighted with their win in race nine.

257 Khun Ithinai has been a great supporter of the Platu racing here with two superbly prepared Platus. He has supported the Championship for many years and after a slow start got good results on Sunday to finish a creditable 4th overall.

With thanks

To Doug for putting together crews and generally pushing attendance for the regatta

To Scott Finston and OMYC for their invaluable and much appreciated office and on water support for these events over many years.

To K Thammasak, joint race officer. Invaluable contribution on the committee boat to control the on water services and unseen administrative office work.

To Tony Hewitt our hard working, consciencous flag man.

To Morten Jacobsen and Apple for chairing the protest committee.

To all entrants. This was a great entry considering the lack of international attendance during these difficult covid times.

Who did I miss ? Thanks to you as well.

Kev Scott Ferret news October 12th 2020.


platu race 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 total  posn
107            8 3 1 1  5 1 4 4  4 4  4        39      2
116            7 7 5 6  4 5 5 5  5 5 10      64      7
117            3 1 2 5  1 2 3 1   7 2  2       29      1
118           4 2 6 2  3 7 7 6  2 6 14      59      6
122          6 6 3 7  2 4 2 2  6 1   6       45      3
154          2 5 4 4 6 3 6 7    1 7 12       57      5
257         5 4 7 3   7 6  1  3  3 3 8       50      4

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