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March 26th 2018

After a talk at the Pattaya expats club about 20 of the audience went down to the Marina to see Nina Nanthini going out for a sail. Nina is a quadriplegic, tragically hurt in a car crash 5 years ago.. She can move her head but nothing else. The idea was to take her sailing on the SV/14 yacht and let her steer the boat by blowing or sucking on a mouthpiece. The boat is being built especially for people who are chronically disabled but unfortunately was not quite ready for the day of the sail. Instead we took Nina out for a sail on a Platu which is also being adapted to suit people with disabilities so that they can sail the boat by themselves. Three young men from Father Rays school are already capable of controlling the Jib, main and steering by themselves and work has been started so that Nina will be able to control the steering herself before too long. Nina was accompanied by her father and representatives of the Pattaya expats, with Doug Smith and myself at the controls.

Malcolm  Canning very kindly took out the twenty spectators on his wonderful Nirvana catamaran and Nathan Masopust took four volunteers for a sail on his new Platu. The day’s event was recorded with still photos and a drone video.

A great day for a wonderful lady, and enjoyed by all.

Link to photos

PROGRESS…….at 16th Feb 2018

K. Tee, Sol and Phong have been sailing with Doug Smith and myself for three weekends and their progress is amazing. Tee and Sol have no use of their legs and Phong has only one leg. They are already beginning to understand the wind and sailed the Platu through tacks, jibes and full 360 degree circles and only needed help with the main sheet. But even this task has now been handed over to them with some modifications to the main sheet rigging. We experimented with various positions on the boat until we arrived at a situation where they can control the helm and jib sheets, and next time they have to work the main sheet as well.

On 10th or 11th February they sailed alongside the able bodied crews who were racing at the monthly Ocean Marina Yacht Clubs race weekend. We hope this will lead to having two “Freedom” entries racing each other before too long.

Watch this space….

[January 1st 2018

This is a new organisation designed to give people with disabilities, or who are simply underprivileged, a taste of the “freedom” of the open seas. To put a smile on their face and escape the restrictions they endure on the land.

We will use a Platu for this, because it is easy to get aboard and safe at sea in almost all conditions. Although the intention is not necessarily to teach them how to sail, if they want to learn to sail we will give them the chance. We even hope we can take some of them racing at the OMYC monthly events before too long.

If you want to know more…how to help or how to donate funds towards the project please call Kev Scott on his Thailand cell phone +66 878 25 00 11.

The SV/14 project

Alongside the Freedom Sailing format we also help Peter Jacops with his SV/14 project. This uses a specially built two seater boat ( with electronic controls for the sails/rudder and seat tilt. Two controls are hand held joysticks and one is a “huff and puff” tube controlled by mouth.

On the 25th March we will take Nina for her first taste of this new boat. Nina is a quadriplegic and will use the “huff and puff” system to control the boat.

Kev Scott, Ferret News updated 26 March 2018

“You never know what you have until you lose it

…or see someone who already has”.

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