PLATU Events 2017 in Thailand….Pattaya and Phuket

Platu One Design racing and Platu, ABSOLUTE, One Design racing is now well known to provide some of the very best, close, exciting racing of the highest quality. The 2017/18 calendar is as follows

For the Transworlds, Platu Open and Platu Cup, the first day will be a separate, practise day of racing, with 3 races and a small award. This allows foreign crews time to


Feb Pattaya…Transworlds……1st Platu Championship of Thailand 2017 event

May 4-8th Pattaya …Top of the Gulf..all charter boats booked. 2nd Platu Championship of Thailand  2017 event

July 19-23rd Phuket  Phuket Race Week…ABSOLUTE ONE DESIGN class using controlled sails

Charter boat cost, including controlled sails 80,000 baht

November 3-5th Pattaya Platu Cup  4th & final Platu Championship of Thailand 2017 event

Charter boat cost 38,000 baht excluding sails

December first week.. Phuket Kings Cup… ABSOLUTE ONE DESIGN class using controlled sails.

Charter boat cost 140,000 baht including controlled sails’

Boats for all the above can be reserved with a non refundable deposit of 10,000 baht with the balance payable 2 months before the event. All prices include third party insurance of 30,000,000 baht required by organisers.

The ABSOLUTE One Design racing concept using controlled sails.

As well as the boats all being One Design and conforming to the Platu Class rules they are all fitted with identical sails both in quality and specification. This is similar to the system used for Match Racing. Sails may not be brand new but each boat will be fitted with the same age sails to preserve equality. Sails are usually changed every two years.

In Phuket the Platu Class all have controlled sails and Platus not fitted with such sails have to enter an IRC class or use controlled sails provided by Sail in Asia.

For regattas which allow all Class legal sails there will also be a controlled sails division. Sails can be hired for 4,000 baht per day.

Kev Scott Thailands International Platu Class co-ordinator

[email protected]    mobile +66 878 25 00 11

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