Transworld Regatta 2017


The Transworld Sailing Regatta at Ocean Marina Yacht Club. 9th to 12th February.

Once again, the magnificant Ocean Marina Yacht Club, just South of Pattaya, was the venue for the 3rd Platu Transworld regatta.

Teams from Russia, Latvia, Estonia, Australia, Canada, Malaysia and Thailand competed in the first of a four event series to determine the Platu Sailing Champion of Thailand 2017. This year introduced a new format with sixteen, half hour races over four days and the last race was a double points race which certainly made all teams concentrate.

The first day was a separate one day regatta, introduced this year, to give foreign crews a chance to familiarise themselves with the waters here in the Gulf of Thailand. It also allows the teams to improve and hone their crew work, which is so important on these identical, One Design, yachts. Janis, from Latvia,  was fast straight away on Platu 116 Naiad, and won the day. He also won the first race of the 3 day Transworld regatta before other crews got up to speed.

Yacht racing depends so much on the wind of course and although the forecast had not been so good, a fresh breeze came in from the West and allowed Neil Dunkley, the race officer, to produce five races. Chris Way of Australia needed only one race to get settled in before he produced a string of four first place finishes and lead the regatta after day one, with Sergey Omelianenico of Russia second and Rolf Heemskerk, a Dutchman living in Malaysia, in third.

On the second day, crews had to wait one hour and forty minutes before the wind settled enough for racing to start, but this new format of 30 minute races allowed another five races to be run. Sergey produced some great results to climb up the leader board into second place behind Chris with Mati Sepp of Estonia now into third.

On day three the wind strengthened but it was very changeable for strength and direction which makes it difficult for the race officer to set a perfect course. However racing  eventually got under way with crews fighting up to 18 knots of wind at times. Rolf seemed to handle the conditions better than most and won the first two races to put himself into podium contention.

Then the crews lined up for the final race with double points on offer and a real chance to make big changes to the results. It was a perfect start for almost all crews as they raced away in a tight group not wanting to separate and make a tactical error against the fleet. Sometimes the last race produces unusual sailing tactics as crews fight one on one to protect their overall results and this race was no exception with some boats racing within inches of their competitor.

One Design yacht racing provides close and exiting racing as all boats are equal. This time the shorter races meant that there was close racing throughout the course and on several occasions boats were separated by only inches over the finish line.

It has to be said that although it can get very noisy and animated on the race course when boats are very close together, once crews are back on shore their common interest creates close friendships and  camrarderie which is great to see.

In order to thank all crews, especially those making long flights to attend, they were all brought out to the podium and given a framed photograph of themselves in action. This is also to recognize that all crews are of equal importance to provide close exciting racing in this great sport.

It was then time to hand out the winners trophies.

Chris Way of Australia ….first overall with 38 points

Mati Sepp of Estonia …second overall with 46 points

Rolf Heemskerk of Malaysia….third overall with 52 points.

Sergey of Russia was also on 52 points but a count back procedure gave the place to Rolf.

Other results, Janis from Latvia 64 points, Harles Liiv from Estonia 72 points, Nathan Masopust a Canadian from Thailand 90 points and Aleksei Zigadco from Estonia 95 points.

Thanks to Neil Dunkley the race officer, Alan, Ning and Tony his assistants, Scott Murray the photographer, the OMYC hotel and office staff and last but not least Scott Finsten. the OMYC harbour master, who provided all the background work and “on water” boats and staff to make this event possible.

The next event in the series is the famous International, Top of the Gulf regatta, 4-8th May.

Ferret News, written by Kev Scott. Feb 12th 2017

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Copy of a REPORT sent to the Platu International class, December 2016.

Platu TRANSWORLD Regatta, OMYC, Pattaya, Thailand, February 9-12th 2017

The third Transworld regatta,  February 2017, will once again be run out of the beautiful Ocean Marina Yacht Club in Pattaya on the Gulf of Thailand.

The regatta was originated at the request of the Platu World Class committee. Because there are not enough boats in any one country in the Far East to be able to run a World Championship, it was decided to create the “Transworlds” to give central European crews a chance to enjoy the sailing experience at the birth place of the Platu and give sailors from all over the world the chance to race against each other.

The Platu was designed by Bruce Farr specifically for the Gulf of Thailand. Calm, warm waters and moderate winds, year round, make this a sailor’s paradise. The setting and facilities at this world class marina simply add to the ideal sailing experience.

Next February will see crews from Russia, Latvia, Estonia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and Thailand. Three months in advance of the event all boats are confirmed and entered. Seven of the boats are already chartered and six will be owner sailed.

This event continues on its way to becoming “a must do” regatta and along with the iconic Top of the Gulf International regatta in May, they provide two of the very best, One Design, regattas. The Top of the Gulf encompasses the famous Coronation Cup which was introduced to celebrate the Coronation of the late KING of Thailand, who himself was a champion sailor . This is especially relevant this year with the recent death of this wonderful KING creating a whole country in mourning. The Coronation Cup regatta was introduced when the first Platus arrived in Thailand in 1996. The full history of the Platu and the Coronation Cup can be seen at in the History section.

It is a great shame therefore that the birth place of the Platu, set in fantastic racing grounds and with good weather year round does not attract even one crew from Central Europe, the very reason the regatta was created at the request of the Platu World class committee. It is all the more disappointing because these same crews rely on foreign entries to secure World status for their European events. So it needs to be asked, is there a reason for this?

Perhaps the answer lies in the fact that all central European crews own their own boats and trailer them to top events. They probably do not want to race in a chartered boat. This argument is probably one that we understands only too well. Looking after the charter fleet here in Pattaya it was soon obvious that some owners chartered out their boats without any concern for it’s condition. To overcome this problem here we created a situation where all the boats are looked after by one person and a strict level of preparation was introduced. We also made sure that we provide help during a regatta to fix any problems along the way. This makes sure that charter customers feel protected and looked after, having spent a lot of time and money to be here. This writer has experienced the situation of travelling to a foreign country and being presented with a charter boat that was well below racing condition. Not knowing the area, not speaking the language, not having sufficient tools and equipment made the job of fixing the boat even more stressful, expensive and time consuming. In Germany one year it took five crew members four days, a lot of hard work and a lot of expense just to get the boat sailable never mind be in contention to race well.

Now that all the charter boats, here in Thailand, are able to win with the right crew and have support throughout the regattas, it is even more of a shame that we still cannot attract crews from Central Europe.

To correct the problem  we should investigate some form of certification of charter boats prior to regattas. The organisers of an event should be made to provide a qualified inspector to check every charter boat and make sure it is fit to race. Any expenses to fix problems should be charged to the boat owner. This certification would give foreign crews more incentive to be able to trust a charter boat and be persuaded to travel to foreign events, World status or otherwise.

No doubt this is a subject that needs discussion by the Platu Class committee but having cured the problem here in Thailand we all look forward to a, multi National, Transworld, Platu regatta in one of the world’s best sailing venues, here at Ocean Marina Yacht Club.

Ferret news December 2016..Kev Scott.  [email protected]

TRANSWORLD REGATTA Pattaya Thailand Feb 9/10/11/12th February 2017

This event was requested by the International Class Committee to give European crews a chance to experience racing in Asia and make the Class truly Worldwide.

Currently the World Championship events are all based in Central Europe.

For several years, crews from Asia and Australia have travelled to Europe to make World status possible for you and now we ask you to travel to Asia to promote the sport as truly worldwide.

The sailing area here, in Pattaya Thailand, is just ten minutes outside the first class marina in Pattaya and has ideal racing conditions year round.

Pattaya is a modern holiday resort with something for all the family. Great nightlife, good beaches, shopping from street markets to Gucci shops and lots of family attractions. The cost of living is cheap. The sun shines every day and the sea is 30 degrees year round.

 All this is available during the 2017 TRANSWORLD Regatta 9-12TH February 2017.

Charter boats.

All the charter boats come with a promise of satisfaction. Bring your own sails and bring your own  halyards etc.. if you want, but we are on hand, before and during the event, with equipment and spares to help prepare the boat as you would like it. See cost details at the end of NOR’s

We have experience of charter boat problems, having chartered at 4 world events and we promise to eradicate such problems for you.

All charter boats are available for two days before the event for practice and preparation and there will be one day of practice races to help you acclimatize to the racing area.,-9-12-February-2017,-Pattaya,-Thailand/148187

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